Class FileDocumentProvider.FileSynchronizer

All Implemented Interfaces:
EventListener, IResourceChangeListener, IResourceDeltaVisitor
Enclosing class:

protected class FileDocumentProvider.FileSynchronizer extends Object implements IResourceChangeListener, IResourceDeltaVisitor
Synchronizes the document with external resource changes.
  • Field Details

    • fFileEditorInput

      protected IFileEditorInput fFileEditorInput
      The file editor input.
    • fIsInstalled

      protected boolean fIsInstalled
      A flag indicating whether this synchronizer is installed or not.
  • Constructor Details

    • FileSynchronizer

      public FileSynchronizer(IFileEditorInput fileEditorInput)
      Creates a new file synchronizer. Is not yet installed on a resource.
      fileEditorInput - the editor input to be synchronized
    • FileSynchronizer

      @Deprecated public FileSynchronizer(FileEditorInput fileEditorInput)
      use FileSynchronizer(IFileEditorInput)
      Creates a new file synchronizer which is not yet installed on a resource.
      fileEditorInput - the editor input to be synchronized
  • Method Details

    • getFile

      protected IFile getFile()
      Returns the file wrapped by the file editor input.
      the file wrapped by the editor input associated with that synchronizer
    • install

      public void install()
      Installs the synchronizer on the input's file.
    • uninstall

      public void uninstall()
      Uninstalls the synchronizer from the input's file.
    • resourceChanged

      public void resourceChanged(IResourceChangeEvent e)
      Description copied from interface: IResourceChangeListener
      Notifies this listener that some resource changes are happening, or have already happened.

      The supplied event gives details. This event object (and the resource delta within it) is valid only for the duration of the invocation of this method.

      Note: This method is called by the platform; it is not intended to be called directly by clients.

      Note that during resource change event notification, further changes to resources may be disallowed.

      Specified by:
      resourceChanged in interface IResourceChangeListener
      e - the resource change event
      See Also:
    • visit

      public boolean visit(IResourceDelta delta) throws CoreException
      Description copied from interface: IResourceDeltaVisitor
      Visits the given resource delta.
      Specified by:
      visit in interface IResourceDeltaVisitor
      true if the resource delta's children should be visited; false if they should be skipped.
      CoreException - if the visit fails for some reason.
    • update

      protected void update(Runnable runnable)
      Posts the update code "behind" the running operation.
      runnable - the update code