Class YesNoCancelListSelectionDialog

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    public class YesNoCancelListSelectionDialog
    extends ListSelectionDialog
    Providing Cancel in addition to Yes/No is confusing. It is better to subclass the regular ListSelectionDialog, which uses OK/Cancel, and provide a separate checkbox if necessary.
    YesNoCancelListSelectionDialog is a list selection dialog that also allows the user to select no as a result.
    • Constructor Detail

      • YesNoCancelListSelectionDialog

        public YesNoCancelListSelectionDialog​(Shell parentShell,
                                              Object input,
                                              IStructuredContentProvider contentProvider,
                                              ILabelProvider labelProvider,
                                              String message)
        see class comment
        Create a list selection dialog with a possible Yes/No or Cancel result.
        parentShell - the parent shell
        input - the root element to populate this dialog with
        contentProvider - the content provider for navigating the model
        labelProvider - the label provider for displaying model elements
        message - the message to be displayed at the top of this dialog, or null to display a default message
    • Method Detail

      • buttonPressed

        protected void buttonPressed​(int buttonId)
        Description copied from class: Dialog
        Notifies that this dialog's button with the given id has been pressed.

        The Dialog implementation of this framework method calls okPressed if the ok button is the pressed, and cancelPressed if the cancel button is the pressed. All other button presses are ignored. Subclasses may override to handle other buttons, but should call super.buttonPressed if the default handling of the ok and cancel buttons is desired.

        buttonPressed in class Dialog
        buttonId - the id of the button that was pressed (see IDialogConstants.*_ID constants)
      • configureShell

        protected void configureShell​(Shell shell)
        Description copied from class: Window
        Configures the given shell in preparation for opening this window in it.

        The default implementation of this framework method sets the shell's image and gives it a grid layout. Subclasses may extend or reimplement.

        configureShell in class ListSelectionDialog
        shell - the shell
      • createButtonsForButtonBar

        protected void createButtonsForButtonBar​(Composite parent)
        Description copied from class: Dialog
        Adds buttons to this dialog's button bar.

        The Dialog implementation of this framework method adds standard ok and cancel buttons using the createButton framework method. These standard buttons will be accessible from getCancelButton, and getOKButton. Subclasses may override.

        Note: The common button order is: {other buttons}, OK, Cancel. On some platforms, Dialog.initializeBounds() will move the default button to the right.

        createButtonsForButtonBar in class ListSelectionDialog
        parent - the button bar composite
      • noPressed

        protected void noPressed()
        Notifies that the no button of this dialog has been pressed.

        The Dialog implementation of this framework method sets this dialog's return code to IDialogConstants.NO_ID and closes the dialog. Subclasses may override if desired.

      • yesPressed

        protected void yesPressed()
        Notifies that the yes button of this dialog has been pressed. Do the same as an OK but set the return code to YES_ID instead.