Class WizardResourceImportPage

  • All Implemented Interfaces:
    IDialogPage, IMessageProvider, IWizardPage, Listener, IOverwriteQuery

    public abstract class WizardResourceImportPage
    extends WizardDataTransferPage
    The abstract superclass for a typical import wizard's main page.

    Clients may subclass this page to inherit its common destination resource selection facilities.

    Subclasses must implement

    • createSourceGroup

    Subclasses may override

    • allowNewContainerName

    Subclasses may extend

    • handleEvent
    • Field Detail

      • selectedTypes

        protected List selectedTypes
      • selectionGroup

        protected ResourceTreeAndListGroup selectionGroup
        The selectionGroup field should have been created with a private modifier. Subclasses should not access this field directly.
        This field is not intended to be referenced by clients.
    • Constructor Detail

      • WizardResourceImportPage

        protected WizardResourceImportPage​(String name,
                                           IStructuredSelection selection)
        Creates an import wizard page. If the initial resource selection contains exactly one container resource then it will be used as the default import destination.
        name - the name of the page
        selection - the current resource selection
    • Method Detail

      • allowNewContainerName

        protected boolean allowNewContainerName()
        The WizardResourceImportPage implementation of this WizardDataTransferPage method returns true. Subclasses may override this method.
        Specified by:
        allowNewContainerName in class WizardDataTransferPage
        true if new ones are okay, and false if only existing ones are allowed
      • createControl

        public void createControl​(Composite parent)
        Description copied from interface: IDialogPage
        Creates the top level control for this dialog page under the given parent composite.

        Implementors are responsible for ensuring that the created control can be accessed via getControl

        parent - the parent composite
      • createDestinationGroup

        protected void createDestinationGroup​(Composite parent)
        Creates the import destination specification controls.
        parent - the parent control
      • createFileSelectionGroup

        protected void createFileSelectionGroup​(Composite parent)
        Create the import source selection widget
      • createSourceGroup

        protected abstract void createSourceGroup​(Composite parent)
        Creates the import source specification controls.

        Subclasses must implement this method.

        parent - the parent control
      • getContainerFullPath

        protected IPath getContainerFullPath()
        Returns the path of the container resource specified in the container name entry field, or null if no name has been typed in.

        The container specified by the full path might not exist and would need to be created.

        the full path of the container resource specified in the container name entry field, or null
      • getFileProvider

        protected abstract ITreeContentProvider getFileProvider()
        Returns a content provider for FileSystemElements that returns only files as children.
      • getFolderProvider

        protected abstract ITreeContentProvider getFolderProvider()
        Returns a content provider for FileSystemElements that returns only folders as children.
      • getResourcePath

        protected IPath getResourcePath()
        Return the path for the resource field.
      • getSelectedResources

        protected List getSelectedResources()
        Returns this page's list of currently-specified resources to be imported. This is the primary resource selection facility accessor for subclasses.
        a list of resources currently selected for export (element type: IResource)
      • getSpecifiedContainer

        protected IContainer getSpecifiedContainer()
        Returns the container resource specified in the container name entry field, or null if such a container does not exist in the workbench.
        the container resource specified in the container name entry field, or null
      • getTypesToImport

        protected List getTypesToImport()
        Returns a collection of the currently-specified resource types for use by the type selection dialog.
      • handleContainerBrowseButtonPressed

        protected void handleContainerBrowseButtonPressed()
        Opens a container selection dialog and displays the user's subsequent container resource selection in this page's container name field.
      • handleEvent

        public void handleEvent​(Event event)
        The WizardResourceImportPage implementation of this Listener method handles all events and enablements for controls on this page. Subclasses may extend.
        event - Event
      • handleTypesEditButtonPressed

        protected void handleTypesEditButtonPressed()
        Open a registered type selection dialog and note the selections in the receivers types-to-export field
      • initialPopulateContainerField

        protected final void initialPopulateContainerField()
        Sets the initial contents of the container name field.
      • setAllSelections

        protected void setAllSelections​(boolean value)
        Set all of the selections in the selection group to value
        value - boolean
      • setContainerFieldValue

        public void setContainerFieldValue​(String value)
        Sets the value of this page's container resource field, or stores it for future use if this page's controls do not exist yet.
        value - String
      • setupSelectionsBasedOnSelectedTypes

        protected void setupSelectionsBasedOnSelectedTypes()
        Update the tree to only select those elements that match the selected types. Do nothing by default.
      • updateSelections

        protected void updateSelections​(Map map)
        Update the selections with those in map .
        map - Map - key tree elements, values Lists of list elements
      • validateDestinationGroup

        protected final boolean validateDestinationGroup()
        Description copied from class: WizardDataTransferPage
        Returns whether this page's destination specification controls currently all contain valid values.

        The WizardDataTransferPage implementation of this method returns true. Subclasses may reimplement this hook method.

        validateDestinationGroup in class WizardDataTransferPage
        true indicating validity of all controls in the destination specification group
      • getSourceConflictMessage

        protected final String getSourceConflictMessage()
        Returns the error message for when the source conflicts with the destination.
      • sourceConflictsWithDestination

        protected boolean sourceConflictsWithDestination​(IPath sourcePath)
        Returns whether or not the source location conflicts with the destination resource. By default this is not checked, so false is returned.
        sourcePath - the path being checked
        true if the source location conflicts with the destination resource, false if not