Class WizardNewProjectReferencePage

  • All Implemented Interfaces:
    IDialogPage, IMessageProvider, IWizardPage

    public class WizardNewProjectReferencePage
    extends WizardPage
    Standard project reference page for a wizard that creates a project resource.

    This page may be used by clients as-is; it may be also be subclassed to suit.

    Example usage:

     referencePage = new WizardNewProjectReferencePage("basicReferenceProjectPage");
     referencePage.setDescription("Select referenced projects.");
    • Constructor Detail

      • WizardNewProjectReferencePage

        public WizardNewProjectReferencePage​(String pageName)
        Creates a new project reference wizard page.
        pageName - the name of this page
    • Method Detail

      • createControl

        public void createControl​(Composite parent)
        Description copied from interface: IDialogPage
        Creates the top level control for this dialog page under the given parent composite.

        Implementors are responsible for ensuring that the created control can be accessed via getControl

        parent - the parent composite
      • getContentProvider

        protected IStructuredContentProvider getContentProvider()
        Returns a content provider for the reference project viewer. It will return all projects in the workspace.
        the content provider
      • getReferencedProjects

        public IProject[] getReferencedProjects()
        Returns the referenced projects selected by the user.
        the referenced projects