Class WizardNewProjectCreationPage

  • All Implemented Interfaces:
    IDialogPage, IMessageProvider, IWizardPage

    public class WizardNewProjectCreationPage
    extends WizardPage
    Standard main page for a wizard that is creates a project resource.

    This page may be used by clients as-is; it may be also be subclassed to suit.

    Example usage:

     mainPage = new WizardNewProjectCreationPage("basicNewProjectPage");
     mainPage.setDescription("Create a new project resource.");
    • Constructor Detail

      • WizardNewProjectCreationPage

        public WizardNewProjectCreationPage​(String pageName)
        Creates a new project creation wizard page.
        pageName - the name of this page
      • WizardNewProjectCreationPage

        public WizardNewProjectCreationPage​(String pageName,
                                            IStructuredSelection selection,
                                            String[] workingSetTypes)
        default placement of the working set group has been removed. If you wish to use the working set block please call createWorkingSetGroup(Composite, IStructuredSelection, String[]) in your overridden createControl(Composite) implementation.
        Creates a new project creation wizard page.
        pageName - the name of this page
        selection - the current workbench selection
        workingSetTypes - an array of working set type IDs that will restrict what types of working sets can be chosen in this group
    • Method Detail

      • createControl

        public void createControl​(Composite parent)
        Description copied from interface: IDialogPage
        Creates the top level control for this dialog page under the given parent composite.

        Implementors are responsible for ensuring that the created control can be accessed via getControl

        parent - the parent composite
      • createWorkingSetGroup

        public WorkingSetGroup createWorkingSetGroup​(Composite composite,
                                                     IStructuredSelection selection,
                                                     String[] supportedWorkingSetTypes)
        Create a working set group for this page. This method can only be called once.
        composite - the composite in which to create the group
        selection - the current workbench selection
        supportedWorkingSetTypes - an array of working set type IDs that will restrict what types of working sets can be chosen in this group
        the created group. If this method has been called previously the original group will be returned.
      • getLocationPath

        public IPath getLocationPath()
        Returns the current project location path as entered by the user, or its anticipated initial value. Note that if the default has been returned the path in a project description used to create a project should not be set.
        the project location path or its anticipated initial value.
      • getLocationURI

        public URI getLocationURI()
        /** Returns the current project location URI as entered by the user, or null if a valid project location has not been entered.
        the project location URI, or null
      • getProjectHandle

        public IProject getProjectHandle()
        Creates a project resource handle for the current project name field value. The project handle is created relative to the workspace root.

        This method does not create the project resource; this is the responsibility of IProject::create invoked by the new project resource wizard.

        the new project resource handle
      • getProjectName

        public String getProjectName()
        Returns the current project name as entered by the user, or its anticipated initial value.
        the project name, its anticipated initial value, or null if no project name is known
      • setInitialProjectName

        public void setInitialProjectName​(String name)
        Sets the initial project name that this page will use when created. The name is ignored if the createControl(Composite) method has already been called. Leading and trailing spaces in the name are ignored. Providing the name of an existing project will not necessarily cause the wizard to warn the user. Callers of this method should first check if the project name passed already exists in the workspace.
        name - initial project name for this page
        See Also:
        IWorkspace.validateName(String, int)
      • validatePage

        protected boolean validatePage()
        Returns whether this page's controls currently all contain valid values.
        true if all controls are valid, and false if at least one is invalid
      • setVisible

        public void setVisible​(boolean visible)
        Description copied from class: DialogPage
        The DialogPage implementation of this IDialogPage method sets the control to the given visibility state. Subclasses may extend.
        Specified by:
        setVisible in interface IDialogPage
        setVisible in class DialogPage
        visible - true to make this page visible, and false to hide it
      • useDefaults

        public boolean useDefaults()
        Returns the useDefaults.
      • getSelectedWorkingSets

        public IWorkingSet[] getSelectedWorkingSets()
        Return the selected working sets, if any. If this page is not configured to interact with working sets this will be an empty array.
        the selected working sets