Class PropertyPage

All Implemented Interfaces:
IDialogPage, IMessageProvider, IPreferencePage, IWorkbenchPropertyPage
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public abstract class PropertyPage extends PreferencePage implements IWorkbenchPropertyPage
Abstract base implementation of a workbench property page ( IWorkbenchPropertyPage). The implementation is a JFace preference page with an adaptable element.

Property pages that support multiple selected objects should implement IWorkbenchPropertyPageMulti instead.

Subclasses must implement the createContents framework method to supply the property page's main control.

Subclasses should extend the doComputeSize framework method to compute the size of the page's control.

Subclasses may override the performOk, performApply,performDefaults, performCancel, and performHelp framework methods to react to the standard button events.

Subclasses may call the noDefaultAndApplyButton framework method before the page's control has been created to suppress the standard Apply and Defaults buttons.

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    • PropertyPage

      public PropertyPage()
      Creates a new property page.
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