Interface IElementReference

  • public interface IElementReference
    the ICommandService will return a reference for all callbacks that are registered. This reference can be used to unregister the specific callback.

    Similar in functionality to an IHandlerActivation. This interface should not be implemented or extended by clients.

    • Method Detail

      • getCommandId

        String getCommandId()
        The command id that this callback was registered against.
        The command id. Will not be null.
      • getElement

        UIElement getElement()
        The callback that was registered.
        Adapts to provide appropriate user feedback. Will not be null.
      • getParameters

        Map getParameters()
        Parameters that help scope this callback registration. For example, it can include parameters from the ParameterizedCommand. Callers should not change the map that is returned.
        scoping parameters. Will not be null.