Class CheatSheetListener

  • public abstract class CheatSheetListener
    extends Object
    For monitoring the execution of a cheat sheet.

    This class is used in conjuction with the "listener" attribute on extensions to the extension point "org.eclipse.ui.cheatsheets.cheatSheetContent". Clients should declare a subclass that implements cheatSheetEvent(ICheatSheetEvent). The listener subclass must be public, and have a public 0-arg constructor. The listener subclass is instantiated as the cheat sheet is opened, and discarded after the cheat sheet is closed.

    • Constructor Detail

      • CheatSheetListener

        public CheatSheetListener()
        Creates a new cheat sheet listener.
    • Method Detail

      • cheatSheetEvent

        public abstract void cheatSheetEvent​(ICheatSheetEvent event)
        Notifies this listener of the given cheat sheet event.
        event - the cheat sheet event