Class AbstractWorkbenchBrowserSupport

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    public abstract class AbstractWorkbenchBrowserSupport
    extends Object
    implements IWorkbenchBrowserSupport
    Implements IWorkbenchBrowserSupport while leaving some methods to the implementors. Classes that extend this abstract class are meant to be contributed via 'org.eclipse.ui.browserSupport' extension point.
    • Constructor Detail

      • AbstractWorkbenchBrowserSupport

        public AbstractWorkbenchBrowserSupport()
        The default constructor.
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      • getExternalBrowser

        public IWebBrowser getExternalBrowser()
                                       throws PartInitException
        Description copied from interface: IWorkbenchBrowserSupport
        Returns a shared instance of the external web browser. Clients can use it to share one external browser. The external browser that will be used is subject to browser support implementation. A suggested implementation is to use the operating system's default browser. Implementations that offer users a choice of the web browser should honour the users choice of external browser, with the initial selection being the system default browser.
        Specified by:
        getExternalBrowser in interface IWorkbenchBrowserSupport
        the shared instance of the external browser
        PartInitException - if the operation failed for some reason
      • isInternalWebBrowserAvailable

        public boolean isInternalWebBrowserAvailable()
        Description copied from interface: IWorkbenchBrowserSupport
        Tests whether web browser as an SWT widget can be created in this workbench instance. If this method returns false, createBrowser would ignore browser styles AS_EDITOR and AS_VIEW and always create an external browser.
        Specified by:
        isInternalWebBrowserAvailable in interface IWorkbenchBrowserSupport
        true if internal web browser can be created on this platform, false otherwise.