Class ActionContext

  • public class ActionContext
    extends Object
    An ActionContext represents the context used to determine which actions are added by an ActionGroup, and what their enabled state should be.

    This class encapsulates a selection and an input element. Clients may subclass this class to add more information to the context.

    • Constructor Detail

      • ActionContext

        public ActionContext​(ISelection selection)
        Creates a new action context with the given selection.
        selection - the selection
    • Method Detail

      • getSelection

        public ISelection getSelection()
        the selection.
      • setSelection

        public void setSelection​(ISelection selection)
        Sets the selection.
        selection - the selection to set
      • getInput

        public Object getInput()
        Returns the input element.
        the input element
      • setInput

        public void setInput​(Object input)
        Sets the input element.
        input - the input to set.