Interface IWorkingSetElementAdapter

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    public interface IWorkingSetElementAdapter

    Interface that describes a mechanism that may be provided by working set extensions to help manage the addition of elements to working sets. Instances of this class are capable of transforming possible working set content into the most applicable form.

    Usage of this interface is achieved via the elementAdapterClass attribute of the org.eclipse.ui.workingSets extension point. Usage of this interface in org.eclipse.ui.workingSets extensions is optional.

    • Method Detail

      • adaptElements

        IAdaptable[] adaptElements​(IWorkingSet ws,
                                   IAdaptable[] elements)
        Converts the given elements for addition to/removal from the working set.
        ws - the target working set that elements should be adapted for
        elements - the elements to adapt
        the (possibly adapted) elements to add to/remove from the working set
      • dispose

        void dispose()
        Disposes of this element adaptor.