Interface IWorkbenchActionConstants

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    public interface IWorkbenchActionConstants
    Action ids for standard actions, groups in the workbench menu bar, and global actions.

    This interface contains constants only; it is not intended to be implemented or extended.

    Standard menus

    • File menu (M_FILE)
    • Edit menu (M_EDIT)
    • Window menu (M_WINDOW)
    • Help menu (M_HELP)

    Standard group for adding top level menus

    • Extra top level menu group (MB_ADDITIONS)

    Global actions

    • Undo (UNDO)
    • Redo (REDO)
    • Cut (CUT)
    • Copy (COPY)
    • Paste (PASTE)
    • Delete (DELETE)
    • Find (FIND)
    • Select All (SELECT_ALL)
    • Add Bookmark (BOOKMARK)

    Standard File menu actions

    • Start group (FILE_START)
    • End group (FILE_END)
    • New action (NEW)
    • Extra New-like action group (NEW_EXT)
    • Close action (CLOSE)
    • Close All action (CLOSE_ALL)
    • Extra Close-like action group (CLOSE_EXT)
    • Save action (SAVE)
    • Save As action (SAVE_AS)
    • Save All action (SAVE_ALL)
    • Extra Save-like action group (SAVE_EXT)
    • Import action (IMPORT)
    • Export action (EXPORT)
    • Extra Import-like action group (IMPORT_EXT)
    • Quit action (QUIT)

    Standard Edit menu actions

    • Start group (EDIT_START)
    • End group (EDIT_END)
    • Undo global action (UNDO)
    • Redo global action (REDO)
    • Extra Undo-like action group (UNDO_EXT)
    • Cut global action (CUT)
    • Copy global action (COPY)
    • Paste global action (PASTE)
    • Extra Cut-like action group (CUT_EXT)
    • Delete global action (DELETE)
    • Find global action (FIND)
    • Select All global action (SELECT_ALL)
    • Bookmark global action (BOOKMARK)

    Standard Perspective menu actions

    • Extra Perspective-like action group (VIEW_EXT)

    Standard Workbench menu actions

    • Start group (WB_START)
    • End group (WB_END)
    • Extra Build-like action group (BUILD_EXT)
    • Build action (BUILD)
    • Rebuild All action (REBUILD_ALL)

    Standard Window menu actions

    • Extra Window-like action group (WINDOW_EXT)

    Standard Help menu actions

    • Start group (HELP_START)
    • End group (HELP_END)
    • About action (ABOUT)

    Standard pop-up menu groups

    • Managing group (GROUP_MANAGING)
    • Reorganize group (GROUP_REORGANIZE)
    • Add group (GROUP_ADD)
    • File group (GROUP_FILE)

    To hook a global action handler, a view should use the following code: IAction copyHandler = ...; view.getSite().getActionBars().setGlobalActionHandler( IWorkbenchActionConstants.COPY, copyHandler); For editors, this should be done in the IEditorActionBarContributor.

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    Note: many of the remaining non-deprecated constants here are IDE-specific and should be deprecated and moved to a constant pool at the IDE layer (e.g. IIDEActionConstants).
    This interface is not intended to be implemented by clients.
    This interface is not intended to be extended by clients.