Class TextEditProcessor

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    public class TextEditProcessor
    extends Object
    A TextEditProcessor manages a set of edits and applies them as a whole to an IDocument.

    This class isn't intended to be subclassed.

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    This class is not intended to be subclassed by clients.
    • Constructor Detail

      • TextEditProcessor

        public TextEditProcessor​(IDocument document,
                                 TextEdit root,
                                 int style)
        Constructs a new edit processor for the given document.
        document - the document to manipulate
        root - the root of the text edit tree describing the modifications. By passing a text edit a a text edit processor the ownership of the edit is transfered to the text edit processors. Clients must not modify the edit (e.g adding new children) any longer.
        style - TextEdit.NONE, TextEdit.CREATE_UNDO or TextEdit.UPDATE_REGIONS)
    • Method Detail

      • getDocument

        public IDocument getDocument()
        Returns the document to be manipulated.
        the document
      • getRoot

        public TextEdit getRoot()
        Returns the edit processor's root edit.
        the processor's root edit
      • canPerformEdits

        public boolean canPerformEdits()
        Checks if the processor can execute all its edits.
        true if the edits can be executed. Return false otherwise. One major reason why edits cannot be executed are wrong offset or length values of edits. Calling perform in this case will very likely end in a BadLocationException.
      • performEdits

        public UndoEdit performEdits()
                              throws MalformedTreeException,
        Executes the text edits.
        an object representing the undo of the executed edits
        MalformedTreeException - is thrown if the edit tree isn't in a valid state. This exception is thrown before any edit is executed. So the document is still in its original state.
        BadLocationException - is thrown if one of the edits in the tree can't be executed. The state of the document is undefined if this exception is thrown.
      • considerEdit

        protected boolean considerEdit​(TextEdit edit)
        Tells whether this processor considers the given edit.

        Note that this class isn't intended to be subclassed.

        edit - the text edit
        true if this processor considers the given edit