Class WorkingSetScope

    • Constructor Detail

      • WorkingSetScope

        public WorkingSetScope​(IWorkingSet[] sets)
        Create the scope for the working sets
        sets - the working sets that defines this scope
      • WorkingSetScope

        protected WorkingSetScope​(IMemento memento)
        Create this scope from it's previously saved state
        memento - the memento containing a previous scope information that is used to initialize this scope.
    • Method Detail

      • setWorkingSets

        protected void setWorkingSets​(IWorkingSet[] sets)
        Initialize this working set scope with the provided working sets.
      • getRoots

        public IResource[] getRoots()
        Description copied from interface: ISynchronizeScope
        Return the root resources that define this scope. A return value of null indicates that the participant should use its default set of resources.
        Specified by:
        getRoots in interface ISynchronizeScope
        the root resources or null
      • propertyChange

        public void propertyChange​(PropertyChangeEvent event)
        Description copied from interface: IPropertyChangeListener
        Notification that a property has changed.

        This method gets called when the observed object fires a property change event.

        Specified by:
        propertyChange in interface IPropertyChangeListener
        event - the property change event object describing which property changed and how
      • saveState

        public void saveState​(IMemento memento)
        Description copied from class: AbstractSynchronizeScope
        Persist the state of this scope. Clients must persist enough additional state to know what type (i.e. subclass) of scope to be recreated.
        saveState in class AbstractSynchronizeScope
        memento - the memento into which the scope is to be saved
      • init

        protected void init​(IMemento memento)
        Description copied from class: AbstractSynchronizeScope
        Method invoked from the constructor which populates the fields of this scope
        init in class AbstractSynchronizeScope
        memento - the memento into which the scope was previously saved