Class TeamImages

  • public class TeamImages
    extends Object
    TeamImages provides convenience methods for accessing shared images provided by the plug-in.

    This class provides ImageDescriptors for each named image in ISharedImages. All Image objects created from the provided descriptors are managed the caller and must be disposed appropriately.

    This class is not intended to be subclassed or instantiated by clients

    • Constructor Detail

      • TeamImages

        public TeamImages()
    • Method Detail

      • getImageDescriptor

        public static ImageDescriptor getImageDescriptor​(String id)
        Returns the image descriptor for the given image ID. Returns null if there is no such image.
        id - the identifier for the image to retrieve
        the image descriptor associated with the given ID
      • getImageDescriptorFromExtension

        public static ImageDescriptor getImageDescriptorFromExtension​(IExtension extension,
                                                                      String subdirectoryAndFilename)
        Convenience method to get an image descriptor for an extension.
        extension - the extension declaring the image
        subdirectoryAndFilename - the path to the image
        the image descriptor for the extension