Interface IConfigurationWizardExtension

  • public interface IConfigurationWizardExtension
    Extends IConfigurationWizard to support the sharing of multiple projects. The Share Project wizard uses the "adaptable" mechanism (see IAdapterManager to obtain an IConfigurationWizardExtension for an IConfigurationWizard class so clients may choose to have their IConfigurationWizard class implement this interface as well or may choose to use the adaptable mechanism to provide the extension.

    Clients may implement this interface.

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      • init

        void init​(IWorkbench workbench,
                  IProject[] projects)
        Initializes this creation wizard using the passed workbench and selected projects.

        This method is called after the no argument constructor and before other methods are called.

        workbench - the current workbench
        projects - the selected projects