Application programming interfaces for defining and working with repository providers.

Package Specification

This package specifies the API for defining repository providers. A repository provider supports the sharing of projects in the local Eclipse workspace with remote locations managed by a particular type of repository system. Additional facilities included in this API exist for the mapping and unmapping of a repository provider to a project, the definition of a project set serializer for sharing workspace setup, and the management of global ignore patterns and content type determination for files.
  • Class
    A cache that is associated with a synchronization that allows clients to cache synchronization state related to their model for the duration of the operation.
    Listener that, when registered with a cache, gets invoked when the cache is disposed.
    This is the API to define mappings between file names, file extensions and content types, typically used by repository providers in order to determine whether a given file can be treated as text or must be considered binary.
    Use the IFileContentManager API instead.
    An ignore info specifies both the pattern and the enabled state of a globally ignored pattern.
    A simple interface for mappings from a string (usually a file name or a file extension) and a content type (typically Team.TEXT, Team.BINARY or Team.UNKNOWN.
    Defines the status codes used in the status of exceptions and errors relating to Team.
    An object for serializing and deserializing references to projects.
    The context in which project serialization occurs.
    A concrete subclass of RepositoryProvider is created for each project that is associated with a repository provider.
    This class represents things you can ask/do with a type of provider.
    Describes how a bundle import will be executed.
    The Team class provides a global point of reference for the global ignore set and the text/binary registry.
    This exception is thrown by the team provider API.
    Status that is returned from some Team operations or is the payload of some TeamExceptions.