Class Point

  • All Implemented Interfaces:

    public final class Point
    extends Object
    implements Serializable
    Instances of this class represent places on the (x, y) coordinate plane.

    The coordinate space for rectangles and points is considered to have increasing values downward and to the right from its origin making this the normal, computer graphics oriented notion of (x, y) coordinates rather than the strict mathematical one.

    The hashCode() method in this class uses the values of the public fields to compute the hash value. When storing instances of the class in hashed collections, do not modify these fields after the object has been inserted.

    Application code does not need to explicitly release the resources managed by each instance when those instances are no longer required, and thus no dispose() method is provided.

    See Also:
    Rectangle, Sample code and further information, Serialized Form
    • Field Summary

      Modifier and Type Field Description
      int x
      the x coordinate of the point
      int y
      the y coordinate of the point
    • Constructor Summary

      Constructor Description
      Point​(int x, int y)
      Constructs a new point with the given x and y coordinates.
    • Field Detail

      • x

        public int x
        the x coordinate of the point
      • y

        public int y
        the y coordinate of the point
    • Constructor Detail

      • Point

        public Point​(int x,
                     int y)
        Constructs a new point with the given x and y coordinates.
        x - the x coordinate of the new point
        y - the y coordinate of the new point
    • Method Detail

      • equals

        public boolean equals​(Object object)
        Compares the argument to the receiver, and returns true if they represent the same object using a class specific comparison.
        equals in class Object
        object - the object to compare with this object
        true if the object is the same as this object and false otherwise
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      • hashCode

        public int hashCode()
        Returns an integer hash code for the receiver. Any two objects that return true when passed to equals must return the same value for this method.
        hashCode in class Object
        the receiver's hash
        See Also:
      • toString

        public String toString()
        Returns a string containing a concise, human-readable description of the receiver.
        toString in class Object
        a string representation of the point