Class GCData

  • public final class GCData
    extends Object
    Instances of this class are descriptions of GCs in terms of unallocated platform-specific data fields.

    IMPORTANT: This class is not part of the public API for SWT. It is marked public only so that it can be shared within the packages provided by SWT. It is not available on all platforms, and should never be called from application code.

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    Sample code and further information
    This class is not intended to be referenced by clients
    • Field Detail

      • device

        public Device device
      • style

        public int style
      • state

        public int state
      • foreground

        public int foreground
      • background

        public int background
      • font

        public Font font
      • foregroundPattern

        public Pattern foregroundPattern
      • gdipFgPatternBrushAlpha

        public long gdipFgPatternBrushAlpha
      • backgroundPattern

        public Pattern backgroundPattern
      • gdipBgPatternBrushAlpha

        public long gdipBgPatternBrushAlpha
      • lineStyle

        public int lineStyle
      • lineWidth

        public float lineWidth
      • lineCap

        public int lineCap
      • lineJoin

        public int lineJoin
      • lineDashesOffset

        public float lineDashesOffset
      • lineDashes

        public float[] lineDashes
      • lineMiterLimit

        public float lineMiterLimit
      • alpha

        public int alpha
      • image

        public Image image
      • ps

        public org.eclipse.swt.internal.win32.PAINTSTRUCT ps
      • layout

        public int layout
      • hPen

        public long hPen
      • hOldPen

        public long hOldPen
      • hBrush

        public long hBrush
      • hOldBrush

        public long hOldBrush
      • hNullBitmap

        public long hNullBitmap
      • hwnd

        public long hwnd
      • gdipGraphics

        public long gdipGraphics
      • gdipPen

        public long gdipPen
      • gdipBrush

        public long gdipBrush
      • gdipFgBrush

        public long gdipFgBrush
      • gdipBgBrush

        public long gdipBgBrush
      • gdipFont

        public long gdipFont
      • hGDIFont

        public long hGDIFont
      • gdipXOffset

        public float gdipXOffset
      • gdipYOffset

        public float gdipYOffset
      • uiState

        public int uiState
      • focusDrawn

        public boolean focusDrawn
    • Constructor Detail

      • GCData

        public GCData()