Class DropTargetEffect

  • All Implemented Interfaces:
    EventListener, DropTargetListener, SWTEventListener
    Direct Known Subclasses:
    StyledTextDropTargetEffect, TableDropTargetEffect, TreeDropTargetEffect

    public class DropTargetEffect
    extends DropTargetAdapter
    This class provides a default drag under effect during a drag and drop. The current implementation does not provide any visual feedback.

    The drop target effect has the same API as the DropTargetAdapter so that it can provide custom visual feedback when a DropTargetEvent occurs.

    Classes that wish to provide their own drag under effect can extend the DropTargetEffect and override any applicable methods in DropTargetAdapter to display their own drag under effect.

    The feedback value is either one of the FEEDBACK constants defined in class DND which is applicable to instances of this class, or it must be built by bitwise OR'ing together (that is, using the int "|" operator) two or more of those DND effect constants.

    See Also:
    DropTargetAdapter, DropTargetEvent, Sample code and further information
    • Constructor Detail

      • DropTargetEffect

        public DropTargetEffect​(Control control)
        Creates a new DropTargetEffect to handle the drag under effect on the specified Control.
        control - the Control over which the user positions the cursor to drop the data
        IllegalArgumentException -
        • ERROR_NULL_ARGUMENT - if the control is null
    • Method Detail

      • getControl

        public Control getControl()
        Returns the Control which is registered for this DropTargetEffect. This is the control over which the user positions the cursor to drop the data.
        the Control which is registered for this DropTargetEffect
      • getItem

        public Widget getItem​(int x,
                              int y)
        Returns the item at the given x-y coordinate in the receiver or null if no such item exists. The x-y coordinate is in the display relative coordinates.
        x - the x coordinate used to locate the item
        y - the y coordinate used to locate the item
        the item at the given x-y coordinate, or null if the coordinate is not in a selectable item