Class CreateChangeOperation

  • All Implemented Interfaces:
    IWorkspaceRunnable, ICoreRunnable

    public class CreateChangeOperation
    extends Object
    implements IWorkspaceRunnable
    Operation that, when performed, creates a Change object for a given refactoring. If created with a refactoring object directly, no precondition checking is performed. If created with a CheckConditionsOperation the requested precondition checking is performed before creating the change.

    If the precondition checking returns a fatal error or the status's severity exceeds a certain threshold then no change will be created.

    If a change has been created the operation calls Change.initializeValidationData(IProgressMonitor) to initialize the change's validation data.

    The operation should be executed via the run method offered by IWorkspace to achieve proper delta batching.

    Note: this class is not intended to be extended by clients.

    This class is not intended to be subclassed by clients.
    • Constructor Detail

      • CreateChangeOperation

        public CreateChangeOperation​(Refactoring refactoring)
        Creates a new operation with the given refactoring. No condition checking is performed before creating the change object. It is assumed that the condition checking has already been performed outside of this operation. The operation might fail if the precondition checking has not been performed yet.
        refactoring - the refactoring for which the change is to be created
      • CreateChangeOperation

        public CreateChangeOperation​(CheckConditionsOperation operation,
                                     int checkFailedSeverity)
        Creates a new operation with the given CheckConditionsOperation. When performed the operation first checks the conditions as specified by the CheckConditionsOperation. Depending on the result of the condition checking a change object is created or not.
        operation - the condition checking operation
        checkFailedSeverity - the severity from which on the condition checking is interpreted as failed. The passed value must be greater than RefactoringStatus.OK and less than or equal RefactoringStatus.FATAL. The standard value from which on a condition check should is to be interpreted as failed can be accessed via RefactoringCore.getConditionCheckingFailedSeverity().
    • Method Detail

      • getConditionCheckingFailedSeverity

        public int getConditionCheckingFailedSeverity()
        Returns the condition checking failed severity used by this operation.
        the condition checking failed severity
        See Also:
      • getChange

        public Change getChange()
        Returns the outcome of the operation or null if an exception occurred when performing the operation or the operation hasn't been performed yet.
        the created change or null
      • getConditionCheckingStatus

        public RefactoringStatus getConditionCheckingStatus()
        Returns the status of the condition checking. Returns null if no condition checking has been requested.
        the status of the condition checking