Class WizardSelectionPage

  • All Implemented Interfaces:
    IDialogPage, IMessageProvider, IWizardPage

    public abstract class WizardSelectionPage
    extends WizardPage
    An abstract implementation of a wizard page that manages a set of embedded wizards.

    A wizard selection page should present a list of wizard nodes corresponding to other wizards. When the end user selects one of them from the list, the first page of the selected wizard becomes the next page. The only new methods introduced by this class are getSelectedNode and setSelectedNode. Otherwise, the subclass contract is the same as WizardPage.

    • Constructor Detail

      • WizardSelectionPage

        protected WizardSelectionPage​(String pageName)
        Creates a new wizard selection page with the given name, and with no title or image.
        pageName - the name of the page
    • Method Detail

      • dispose

        public void dispose()
        The WizardSelectionPage implementation of an IDialogPage method disposes of all nested wizards. Subclasses may extend.
        Specified by:
        dispose in interface IDialogPage
        dispose in class DialogPage
      • getNextPage

        public IWizardPage getNextPage()
        The WizardSelectionPage implementation of this IWizardPage method returns the first page of the currently selected wizard if there is one.
        Specified by:
        getNextPage in interface IWizardPage
        getNextPage in class WizardPage
        the next wizard page, or null if none
      • getSelectedNode

        public IWizardNode getSelectedNode()
        Returns the currently selected wizard node within this page.
        the wizard node, or null if no node is selected
      • setSelectedNode

        protected void setSelectedNode​(IWizardNode node)
        Sets or clears the currently selected wizard node within this page.
        node - the wizard node, or null to clear