Package org.eclipse.jface.window

Provides a general framework for creating and managing windows.

Package Specification

A JFace window is an object that has no visual representation (no widgets) until it is told to open. All JFace windows, including dialogs, are instances of the abstract class Window or a subclass. This package contains the base window classes: Window itself, which provides support for a basic windows; and ApplicationWindow, which provides ready-to-use support for a high-level "main window" with standard menus, tool bar, and status line. Both of these classes may be subclassed to define additional types of window as required.

This package also contains WindowManager, instance of which are used for managing a group of windows. Window managers are useful in applications which create many different windows (dialogs, wizards, etc.) in addition to a main window. Window managers are not required for simple applications.

The only global state maintained by classes in this package is a default image for window title bars (Window.setDefaultImage).