Interface IVerticalRulerInfoExtension

    • Method Detail

      • getHover

        IAnnotationHover getHover()
        Returns the hover for this vertical ruler (column).
        the hover for this column
      • getModel

        IAnnotationModel getModel()
        Returns the model currently used by the receiver.
        the model of the receiver, or null if no model is installed.
      • addVerticalRulerListener

        void addVerticalRulerListener​(IVerticalRulerListener listener)
        Registers a vertical ruler listener to be informed if an annotation gets selected on the vertical ruler.
        listener - the listener to be informed
      • removeVerticalRulerListener

        void removeVerticalRulerListener​(IVerticalRulerListener listener)
        Removes a previously registered listener. If listener is not registered with the receiver, calling this method has no effect.
        listener - the listener to be removed