Package org.eclipse.jface.resource

package org.eclipse.jface.resource
Provides support for managing resources such as SWT fonts and images.

Package Specification

This package contains support for managing resources, including:
  • font registries (FontRegistry) - for hanging on to the SWT font objects needed by an application
  • color registries (ColorRegistry) - for hanging on to the SWT color objects needed by an application
  • image registries (ImageRegistry) - for hanging on to the SWT image objects needed by an application
  • image descriptors (ImageDescriptor) - surrogate object for creating SWT images
  • string conversion (StringConverter) - for parsing property files
The JFace resources module is an independent JFace module requiring a basic knowledge of SWT and the JFace property change event mechanism. Familiarity with other JFace modules is not required.

Image descriptors are objects that knows how to create an image on demand. They serve as a lightweight representation of images in situations where no SWT display exists yet, and are used mainly in conjunction with image registries. This package contains the image descriptor framework, which is a simple hierarchy rooted at the abstract class ImageDescriptor. The framework includes abstract subclasses for composing images (CompositeImageDescriptor) as well as a ready-made concrete subclass for loading images from files (FileImageDescriptor).

The class JFaceResources maintains global state on behalf of JFace itself consisting of JFace's own image registry, font registry, resource bundle, and preference store.

  • Class
    Lightweight descriptor for an SWT color.
    A color registry maintains a mapping between symbolic color names and SWT Colors.
    Abstract base class for image descriptors that synthesize an image from other images in order to simulate the effect of custom drawing.
    An exception indicating that a string value could not be converted into the requested data type.
    Instances of this class can allocate and dispose SWT resources.
    Thrown when allocation of an SWT device resource fails
    Manages SWT resources for a particular device.
    Lightweight descriptor for a font.
    A font registry maintains a mapping between symbolic font names and SWT fonts.
    An image descriptor is an object that knows how to create an SWT image.
    An image registry maintains a mapping between symbolic image names and SWT image objects or special image descriptor objects which defer the creation of SWT image objects until they are needed.
    JFaceColors is the class that stores references to all of the colors used by JFace.
    Utility methods to access JFace-specific resources.
    A LRU based ResourceManager Wrapper.
    A local registry that shares its resources with some global registry.
    This class contains a collection of helper methods for finding JFace resources in bundles.
    This class manages SWT resources.
    Abstract base class for various JFace registries.
    Helper class for converting various data types to and from strings.