Class ProgressMonitorUtil

  • public final class ProgressMonitorUtil
    extends Object
    Contains static methods for constructing and manipulating progress monitors.
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      • ProgressMonitorUtil

        public ProgressMonitorUtil()
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      • createAccumulatingProgressMonitor

        public static IProgressMonitorWithBlocking createAccumulatingProgressMonitor​(IProgressMonitor monitor,
                                                                                     Display display)
        Wraps an IProgressMonitor associated with the UI thread, producing a new IProgressMonitorWithBlocking which can be used from any one thread. The resulting progress monitor will send changes to the wrapped monitor asynchronously.

        May be called from any thread. The thread that uses the resulting progress monitor need not be the same as the thread that constructs it.

        monitor - a progress monitor that should only be updated on the UI thread
        display - Display associated with the progress monitor's UI thread
        a progress monitor wrapper that can accumulate progress events from a non-ui thread, and send them to the wrapped monitor on the UI thread