Class PageChangedEvent

    • Field Detail

      • selectedPage

        protected Object selectedPage
        The selected page.
    • Constructor Detail

      • PageChangedEvent

        public PageChangedEvent​(IPageChangeProvider source,
                                Object selectedPage)
        Creates a new event for the given source and selected page.
        source - the page change provider
        selectedPage - the selected page. In the JFace provided dialogs this will be an IDialogPage.
    • Method Detail

      • getSelectedPage

        public Object getSelectedPage()
        Returns the selected page.
        the selected page. In dialogs implemented by JFace, this will be an IDialogPage.
      • getPageChangeProvider

        public IPageChangeProvider getPageChangeProvider()
        Returns the page change provider that is the source of this event.
        the originating page change provider