Class KeyLookupFactory

  • public final class KeyLookupFactory
    extends Object

    A factory class for ILookup instances. This factory can be used to retrieve instances of look-ups defined by this package. It also allows you to define your own look-up for use in the classes.

    • Method Detail

      • getSWTKeyLookup

        public static final IKeyLookup getSWTKeyLookup()
        Provides an instance of SWTKeyLookup.
        The SWT look-up table for key stroke format information; never null.
      • getDefault

        public static final IKeyLookup getDefault()
        An accessor for the current default look-up.
        The default look-up; never null.
      • setDefault

        public static final void setDefault​(IKeyLookup defaultLookup)
        Sets the default look-up.
        defaultLookup - the default look-up. Must not be null.