Interface ITopic2

  • All Superinterfaces:
    IHelpResource, ITopic, IUAElement

    public interface ITopic2
    extends ITopic
    ITopic2 extends ITopic by adding methods to support functionality for criteria, topic sorting and custom icons
    • Method Detail

      • getCriteria

        ICriteria[] getCriteria()
        Return the criteria information of topic.
        array of CriterionResource
      • getIcon

        String getIcon()
        Toc elements can have non standard icons which are declared using a tocIcon element in the extension point
        NULL if the standard icons are to be used, otherwise the name of an icon declared in an extension
      • isSorted

        boolean isSorted()
        Allows child elements to be sorted alphabetically regardless of their actual order in the list of children.
        true if the children should be sorted alphabetically