Interface IToc

  • All Superinterfaces:
    IHelpResource, IUAElement
    All Known Subinterfaces:

    public interface IToc
    extends IUAElement, IHelpResource
    An IToc represents the root node of a toc, for either a complete toc (book) or a part of one to be assembled into a larger one.
    • Method Detail

      • getTopics

        ITopic[] getTopics()
        Obtains the topics directly contained by a toc.
        Array of ITopic
      • getTopic

        ITopic getTopic​(String href)
        Returns a topic with the specified href defined by this TOC.
        If the TOC contains multiple topics with the same href only of them (arbitrarily chosen) will be returned.

        If no topic is specified, then the TOC description topic is returned, or null if there is no description topic for the TOC.

        href - the topic's URL or null
        ITopic or null