Package org.eclipse.equinox.p2.ui

package org.eclipse.equinox.p2.ui
Provides provisioning user interface classes that can be used for assembling a provisioning UI.

Package Specification

This package consists of several kinds of classes:

  • ProvisioningUI is the hub of the UI. It is used to access the underlying provisioning session and its services, as well as all services registered by the UI. It also provides utility methods that allow clients to create provisioning operations or launch provisioning wizards.
  • Policy defines those aspects of the provisioning UI that can be configured by clients.
  • LicenseManager describes a service which accepts or rejects licenses and remembers the accepted licenses. Clients should register an implementation of LicenseManager in order to remember the licenses.
  • Various pages define reusable pages that can be hosted inside wizards and dialogs. In general, the pages are meant to be contributed by extension point. In some cases, direct instantiation of the pages is permitted. See the individual page javadoc for usage.
  • Class
    AcceptLicensesWizardPage shows a list of the IU's that have licenses that have not been approved by the user, and allows the user to approve them.
    ICopyable defines an interface for elements that provide copy support in a UI.
    InstalledSoftwarePage displays a profile's IInstallableUnits in an Installation Page.
    LicenseManager defines a service which records the licenses that have been accepted in the course of installing or updating software.
    A job that loads a set of metadata repositories and caches the loaded repositories.
    The Policy class is used to specify application specific policies that should be used in the standard p2 UI class libraries.
    ProvisioningUI defines the provisioning session, UI policy, and related services for a provisioning UI.
    Page that allows users to update, add, remove, import, and export repositories.
    RevertProfilePage displays a profile's configuration history in an Installation Page.