Class AbstractMetadataRepository.RepositoryState

    • Field Detail

      • Name

        public String Name
        The persisted name of the repository.
      • Type

        public String Type
        The persisted type of the repository.
      • Version

        public Version Version
        The persisted version of the repository.
      • Provider

        public String Provider
        The persisted provider of the repository.
      • Description

        public String Description
        The persisted description of the repository.
      • Location

        public URI Location
        The persisted location of the repository.
      • Properties

        public Map<String,​String> Properties
        The persisted properties of the repository.
      • Units

        public IInstallableUnit[] Units
        The persisted set of installable units of the repository.
      • Repositories

        public IRepositoryReference[] Repositories
        The persisted array of repository references
    • Constructor Detail

      • RepositoryState

        public RepositoryState()