Class UninstallOperation

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    public class UninstallOperation
    extends ProfileChangeOperation
    An UninstallOperation describes an operation that uninstalls IInstallableUnits from a profile. The following snippet shows how one might use an UninstallOperation to perform a synchronous resolution and then kick off an uninstall in the background:
     UninstallOperation op = new UninstallOperation(session, new IInstallableUnit [] { removeThisIU });
     IStatus result = op.resolveModal(monitor);
     if (result.isOK()) {
    This class is not intended to be subclassed by clients.
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      • UninstallOperation

        public UninstallOperation​(ProvisioningSession session,
                                  Collection<IInstallableUnit> toUninstall)
        Create an uninstall operation on the specified provisioning session that uninstalls the specified IInstallableUnits. Unless otherwise specified, the operation will be associated with the currently running profile.
        session - the session to use for obtaining provisioning services
        toUninstall - the IInstallableUnits to be installed into the profile.