Class RemediationOperation

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public class RemediationOperation extends ProfileChangeOperation

EXPERIMENTAL. This class or interface has been added as part of a work in progress. There is no guarantee that this API will work or that it will remain the same. Please do not use this API without consulting with the p2 team.

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    • getRemedyConfigs

      public RemedyConfig[] getRemedyConfigs()
    • getCurrentRemedy

      public Remedy getCurrentRemedy()
    • setCurrentRemedy

      public void setCurrentRemedy(Remedy currentRemedy)
    • bestSolutionChangingTheRequest

      public Remedy bestSolutionChangingTheRequest()
    • bestSolutionChangingWhatIsInstalled

      public Remedy bestSolutionChangingWhatIsInstalled()
    • getRemedies

      public List<Remedy> getRemedies()
    • computeProfileChangeRequest

      protected void computeProfileChangeRequest(MultiStatus status, IProgressMonitor monitor)
      Description copied from class: ProfileChangeOperation
      Compute the profile change request for this operation, adding any relevant intermediate status to the supplied status.
      Specified by:
      computeProfileChangeRequest in class ProfileChangeOperation
      status - a multi-status to be used to add relevant status. If a profile change request cannot be computed for any reason, a status should be added to explain the problem.
      monitor - the progress monitor to use for computing the profile change request
    • getResolveJobName

      protected String getResolveJobName()
      Description copied from class: ProfileChangeOperation
      Return an appropriate name for the resolution job.
      Specified by:
      getResolveJobName in class ProfileChangeOperation
      the resolution job name.
    • getProvisioningJobName

      protected String getProvisioningJobName()
      Description copied from class: ProfileChangeOperation
      Return an appropriate name for the provisioning job.
      Specified by:
      getProvisioningJobName in class ProfileChangeOperation
      the provisioning job name.
    • getProvisioningJob

      public ProvisioningJob getProvisioningJob(IProgressMonitor monitor)
      Description copied from class: ProfileChangeOperation
      Return a provisioning job that can be used to perform the resolved operation. The job is created using the default values associated with a new job. It is up to clients to configure the priority of the job and set any appropriate properties, such as Job.setUser(boolean), Job.setSystem(boolean), or Job.setProperty(QualifiedName, Object), before scheduling it.
      getProvisioningJob in class ProfileChangeOperation
      monitor - a progress monitor that should be used to report the job's progress in addition to the standard job progress reporting. Can be null. If provided, this monitor will be called from a background thread.
      a job that can be used to perform the provisioning operation. This may be null if the operation has not been resolved, or if a plan could not be obtained when attempting to resolve. If the job is null and the operation has been resolved, then the resolution result will explain the problem.
      See Also:
    • getOriginalRequest

      public org.eclipse.equinox.internal.p2.director.ProfileChangeRequest getOriginalRequest()
    • getResolutionResult

      public IStatus getResolutionResult()
      Description copied from class: ProfileChangeOperation
      Return a status indicating the result of resolving this operation. A null return indicates that resolving has not occurred yet.
      getResolutionResult in class ProfileChangeOperation
      the status of the resolution, or null if resolution has not yet occurred.