Class ProfileModificationJob

    • Constructor Detail

      • ProfileModificationJob

        public ProfileModificationJob​(String name,
                                      ProvisioningSession session,
                                      String profileId,
                                      IProvisioningPlan plan,
                                      ProvisioningContext context)
        Create a job that will update a profile according to the specified provisioning plan.
        name - the name of the job
        session - the provisioning session to use to obtain provisioning services
        profileId - the id of the profile to be altered
        plan - the provisioning plan describing how the profile is to be altered
        context - the provisioning context describing how the operation is to be performed
    • Method Detail

      • setPhaseSet

        public void setPhaseSet​(IPhaseSet phaseSet)
        Set the phase set to be used when running the provisioning plan. This method need only be used when the default phase set is not sufficient. For example, clients could use this method to perform a sizing or to download artifacts without provisioning them.
        phaseSet - the provisioning phases to be run during provisioning.
      • runModal

        public IStatus runModal​(IProgressMonitor monitor)
        Description copied from class: ProvisioningJob
        Perform the specific work involved in running this job in the current thread. This method can be called directly by clients, or in the course of running the job in the background.
        Specified by:
        runModal in class ProvisioningJob
        monitor - the progress monitor to use for the operation
        a status indicating the result of the operation.
      • setTaskName

        public void setTaskName​(String label)
        Sets the top level task name for progress when running this operation.
        label - the label to be used for the task name