Package org.eclipse.equinox.p2.metadata.expression

package org.eclipse.equinox.p2.metadata.expression
Provides a simple expression language used to represent requirements and filters in the metadada

Package Specification

This package defines a simple expression language that is used to define requirements and filters in the metadata, but also form the base of the p2 query language.

  • Class
    An exception used by an expression parser that indicates that something went wrong when parsing.
    Global access to factory, parser, and methods for introspection
    This is an expression that will need access to the global variable everything.
    The evaluation context.
    A node in the expression tree
    This interface provides all the factory methods needed to create the nodes of the expression tree.
    A parser that produces an expression tree based on a string representation.
    A general purpose visitor that will visit each node in an expression tree.
    An interface that combines the IExpression with the LDAP filter.
    A match expression is a boolean expression matching a candidate of a specific type.
    This interface may be implemented by any class that wants to provide easy (high performance) access to its member to the expression evaluator.
    A simple compiled pattern.