Interface IInstallableUnitPatch

    • Method Detail

      • getApplicabilityScope

        IRequirement[][] getApplicabilityScope()
        The applicability scope of a patch describes the installable units that this patch should be applied to. Specifically, this patch will be applied to all installable units that satisfy all of the required capabilities in one or more of the given required capability arrays.

        The returned two-dimensional array can be considered as a boolean expression, where items in the inner array are connected by AND operators, and each of the arrays are separated by OR operators. For example a scope of [[r1, r2, r3], [r4, r5]] will match any unit whose provided capabilities satisfy the expression ((r1 ^ r2 ^ r3) | (r4 ^ r5)).

        This method is not intended to be referenced by clients.
      • getRequirementsChange

        List<IRequirementChange> getRequirementsChange()
        Returns the requirement changes imposed by the patch.
        The patch requirement changes.
      • getLifeCycle

        IRequirement getLifeCycle()
        Returns the required capability that defines the lifecycle of this patch. The patch will be installed into a profile if and only if the lifecycle capability is satisfied by some IU in the profile. If a future provisioning operation causes the requirement to no longer be satisfied, the patch will be uninstalled.