Package org.eclipse.e4.core.contexts

package org.eclipse.e4.core.contexts
Application programming interfaces for Eclipse contexts.

Package Specification

This package provides application programming interfaces for Eclipse contexts.

The IEclipseContext is a map of properties describing execution environment. Consumers can create more detailed descriptions by creating child contexts and adding information to them.

Eclipse contexts can be injected into domain objects using ContextInjectionFactory reducing the number of arguments that need to be passed around and providing updates when context information changes.

  • Class
    This annotation can be added to injectable fields ands methods to indicate that the injected value should come from the active context.
    The base class for all computed value implementations.
    An injection factory is used to inject data and services from a context into a domain object.
    This factory is used to create new context instances.
    A context function encapsulates evaluation of some code within an IEclipseContext.
    A context is used to isolate application code from its dependencies on an application framework or container.
    Instances of this class contain behavior that is executed within an IEclipseContext.