Interface IProcessFactory

  • public interface IProcessFactory
    A process factory is used to override default process (IProcess) creation by the debug plug-in, and can be contributed via plug-in XML. When a new process is created via DebugPlugin.newProcess(..), the launch configuration associated with the specified launch is consulted for a process factory attribute (DebugPlugin.ATTR_PROCESS_FACTORY_ID). If present, the associated process factory is consulted to create a process for the launch. If not present a default process implementation is created and returned by the debug plug-in.

    Following is example plug-in XML that contributes a process factory.

     <extension point="org.eclipse.debug.core.processFactories">
    The attributes are specified as follows:
    • id - a unique identifier for this extension point
    • class - the fully qualified name of a class the implements IProcessFactory

    Clients contributing a process factory are intended to implement this interface.

    • Method Detail

      • newProcess

        IProcess newProcess​(ILaunch launch,
                            Process process,
                            String label,
                            Map<String,​String> attributes)
        Creates and returns a new process representing the given java.lang.Process. A streams proxy is created for the I/O streams in the system process. The process is added to the given launch, and the process is initialized with the given attribute map.
        launch - the launch the process is contained in
        process - the system process to wrap
        label - the label assigned to the process
        attributes - initial values for the attribute map
        the process
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