Class AbstractPreferenceInitializer


public abstract class AbstractPreferenceInitializer extends Object
Abstract class used to aid in default preference value initialization. Clients who extend the org.eclipse.equinox.preferences.preferences or the org.eclipse.core.runtime.preferences extension point are able to specify a class within an initializer element.
  • Constructor Details

    • AbstractPreferenceInitializer

      public AbstractPreferenceInitializer()
      Default constructor for the class.
  • Method Details

    • initializeDefaultPreferences

      public abstract void initializeDefaultPreferences()
      This method is called by the preference initializer to initialize default preference values. Clients should get the correct node for their bundle and then set the default values on it. For example:
                              public void initializeDefaultPreferences() {
                                      Preferences node = new DefaultScope().getNode("");
                                      node.put(key, value);

      Note: Clients should only set default preference values for their own bundle.

      Note: Clients should not call this method. It will be called automatically by the preference initializer when the appropriate default preference node is accessed.