Interface IExtensionChangeHandler

  • public interface IExtensionChangeHandler
    Extension change handlers are notified of changes for a given extension point in the context of an extension tracker.

    This interface can be used without OSGi running.

    This interface is intended to be implemented by clients.

    • Method Detail

      • addExtension

        void addExtension​(IExtensionTracker tracker,
                          IExtension extension)
        This method is called whenever an extension conforming to the extension point filter is being added to the registry. This method does not automatically register objects to the tracker.
        tracker - a tracker to which the handler has been registered
        extension - the extension being added
      • removeExtension

        void removeExtension​(IExtension extension,
                             Object[] objects)
        This method is called after the removal of an extension.
        extension - the extension being removed
        objects - the objects that were associated with the removed extension