Class ModelStatus

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    public class ModelStatus
    extends Status
    A status returned by a model from the resource operation validator. The severity indicates the severity of the possible side effects of the operation. Any severity other than OK should be shown to the user. The message should be a human readable message that will allow the user to make a decision as to whether to continue with the operation. The model provider id should indicate which model is flagging the the possible side effects.

    Clients may instantiate or subclass this class.

    • Constructor Detail

      • ModelStatus

        public ModelStatus​(int severity,
                           String pluginId,
                           String modelProviderId,
                           String message)
        Create a model status.
        severity - the severity
        pluginId - the plugin id
        modelProviderId - the model provider id
        message - the message
    • Method Detail

      • getModelProviderId

        public String getModelProviderId()
        Return the id of the model provider from which this status originated.
        the id of the model provider from which this status originated