Interface IIncrementalProjectBuilder2

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      • clean

        void clean​(Map<String,​String> args,
                   IProgressMonitor monitor)
            throws CoreException
        Clean is an opportunity for a builder to discard any additional state that has been computed as a result of previous builds. It is recommended that builders override this method to delete all derived resources created by previous builds, and to remove all markers of type IMarker.PROBLEM that were created by previous invocations of the builder. The platform will take care of discarding the builder's last built state (there is no need to call forgetLastBuiltState).

        This method is called as a result of invocations of or where the build kind is IncrementalProjectBuilder.CLEAN_BUILD.

        This method is long-running; progress and cancellation are provided by the given progress monitor. All builders should report their progress and honor cancel requests in a timely manner. Cancelation requests should be propagated to the caller by throwing OperationCanceledException.

        args - a table of builder-specific arguments keyed by argument name (key type: String, value type: String); null is equivalent to an empty map
        monitor - a progress monitor, or null if progress reporting and cancellation are not desired
        CoreException - if this build fails.
        See Also:, IProgressMonitor), IncrementalProjectBuilder.clean(IProgressMonitor), IncrementalProjectBuilder.CLEAN_BUILD
        This method is not intended to be referenced by clients.