Class FileTree

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    public abstract class FileTree
    extends Object
    implements IFileTree
    The abstract superclass of all IFileTree implementations.

    Clients may subclass this class to provide a file tree for their particular file system.

    org.eclipse.core.filesystem 1.0
    • Field Detail

      • treeRoot

        protected IFileStore treeRoot
        The root of the file tree
    • Constructor Detail

      • FileTree

        public FileTree​(IFileStore treeRoot)
        Creates a new file tree with tree root as the root
        treeRoot - the file store that is to act as the root of their FileTree
    • Method Detail

      • getTreeRoot

        public IFileStore getTreeRoot()
        Description copied from interface: IFileTree
        Returns the root of this tree
        Specified by:
        getTreeRoot in interface IFileTree
        An IFileStore representing the root of the tree
      • getChildInfos

        public abstract IFileInfo[] getChildInfos​(IFileStore store)
        Description copied from interface: IFileTree
        Returns an IFileInfo instance for each file and directory contained within the given store at the time this file tree was created.

        An empty array is returned if the given store has no children, or is not in this file tree.

        Specified by:
        getChildInfos in interface IFileTree
        store - a file store in this tree
        An array of information about the children of the store, or an empty array if the store has no children.
        See Also:
        IFileStore.childInfos(int, org.eclipse.core.runtime.IProgressMonitor)
      • getFileInfo

        public abstract IFileInfo getFileInfo​(IFileStore store)
        Description copied from interface: IFileTree
        Returns information about this file at the time this file tree was created.

        This method succeeds regardless of whether a corresponding file exists in the file tree. In the case of a non-existent file, the returned info will include the file's name and will return false when IFileInfo.exists() is called, but all other information will assume default values.

        Specified by:
        getFileInfo in interface IFileTree
        store - the store to return the file info for
        IFileInfo the IFileInfo for the given store
        See Also:
        IFileStore.fetchInfo(int, org.eclipse.core.runtime.IProgressMonitor)