Class AbstractParameterValueConverter

  • public abstract class AbstractParameterValueConverter
    extends Object

    Supports conversion between objects and strings for command parameter values. Extenders must produce strings that identify objects (of a specific command parameter type) as well as consume the strings to locate and return the objects they identify.

    This class offers multiple handlers of a command a consistent way of converting string parameter values into the objects that the handlers would prefer to deal with. This class also gives clients a way to serialize object parameters as strings so that entire parameterized commands can be serialized, stored and later deserialized and executed.

    This class will typically be extended so the subclass can be referenced from the converter attribute of the commandParameterType elemement of the org.eclipse.ui.commands extension-point. Objects implementing this interface may also be passed directly to ParameterType.define(String, AbstractParameterValueConverter) by clients.

    See Also:
    ParameterType.define(String, AbstractParameterValueConverter), ParameterizedCommand.serialize()
    • Constructor Detail

      • AbstractParameterValueConverter

        public AbstractParameterValueConverter()
    • Method Detail

      • convertToObject

        public abstract Object convertToObject​(String parameterValue)
                                        throws ParameterValueConversionException
        Converts a string encoded command parameter value into the parameter value object.
        parameterValue - a command parameter value string describing an object; may be null
        the object described by the command parameter value string; may be null
        ParameterValueConversionException - if an object cannot be produced from the parameterValue string
      • convertToString

        public abstract String convertToString​(Object parameterValue)
                                        throws ParameterValueConversionException
        Converts a command parameter value object into a string that encodes a reference to the object or serialization of the object.
        parameterValue - an object to convert into an identifying string; may be null
        a string describing the provided object; may be null
        ParameterValueConversionException - if a string reference or serialization cannot be provided for the parameterValue