Interface ICompareInputChangeListener

  • public interface ICompareInputChangeListener
    Listener that gets informed if one (or more) of the three sides of an ICompareInput object changes its value.

    For example when accepting an incoming addition the (non-null) left side of an ICompareInput is copied to the right side (which was null). This triggers a call to compareInputChanged( of registered ICompareInputChangeListener.

    Note however, that listener are not informed if the content of one of the sides changes.

    Clients may implement this interface. It is also implemented by viewers that take an ICompareInput as input.

    • Method Detail

      • compareInputChanged

        void compareInputChanged​(ICompareInput source)
        Called whenever the value (not the content) of one or more of the three sides of a ICompareInput has changed.
        source - the ICompareInput that has changed