Incompatibilities between Eclipse 4.23 and 4.24

Eclipse changed in incompatible ways between 4.23 and 4.24 in ways that affect plug-ins. The following entries describe the areas that changed and provide instructions for migrating 4.23 plug-ins to 4.24. Note that you only need to look here if you are experiencing problems running your 4.23 plug-in on 4.24.

See also the list of deprecated API removals for this release.

  1. Feature org.eclipse.equinox.serverside.sdk removed

1. Feature org.eclipse.equinox.serverside.sdk removed

What is affected: Clients that use org.eclipse.equinox.serverside.sdk Feature coming with Eclipse Platform.


Eclipse has stopped to ship the Feature org.eclipse.equinox.serverside.sdk.

All contained Features and Plug-ins remain available. Plug-ins that are not already contained in other features were added to the org.eclipse.equinox.sdk feature.

Action required:

  1. Adjust build scripts, target platform and etc. to use the included Features or Plug-ins directly.