Status handling

Status handling is a facility that allow to introduce a custom way of showing problems in the product to users. A part of the facility is an extension point which allows to plug new status handler specific for the product. This handler associated to the product is intended to present the problem in the useful for users way.

The status handling is contributed using org.eclipse.ui.statusHandlers extension point. This contribution can be part of product plug-ins or can be provided separately in its own status handling plug-in. Separating the product handler into a separate plug-in is beneficial in those situations where the product and status handling are provided by different groups, e.g. CompanyA provides the ProductA and other companies provide status handlers showing problems in ProductA differently.

If there is no handler defined for the product, the facility will use a handler defined for application in the workbench advisor. When the advisor shipped with Eclipse is used the WorkbenchErrorHandler will be used for handling of the product problems.