Version Control (Team) support

The Eclipse version control support, via the team plug-ins, defines API that allow plug-ins to integrate the function of a versioning and configuration management repository. The function provided by a repository fundamentally affects the user workflow, since there are additional steps for retrieving files, comparing their content with local content, versioning them, and returning updated files to the repository. The goal of the team plug-in API is to be passive enough to allow repository plug-in providers to define their own workflow so that users familiar with their product can use the platform in a similar fashion and provide support for workflows that we have found are useful for team plug-ins.

This goal is accomplished by supplying several building blocks:

The UI support is also structured passively. Placeholders for team provider actions, preferences, and properties are defined by the team UI plug-in, but it's up to the team plug-in provider to define these UI elements. The team UI plug-in also includes a simple, extendable configuration wizard that lets users associate projects with repositories. Plug-ins can supply content for this wizard that let the user specify repository specific information.

Multiple repository providers can coexist peacefully within the platform. In fact, it's even possible to have different client implementations for the same repository installed.