Selecting Views and Editors

To see a list of all views, from the menu bar choose Window > Show View > Others.

Show View Dialog Box

The following views comprise the C/C++ Projects View:

Basic views

Displays the application's output.
Project Explorer
Displays the file system under the launchdir/workspace directory.
Displays the functions and header files in your source files. Open a source file in an editor to view its outline.
Displays problems.
Displays the name, path, size, permissions, and last modified date of the resource highlighted in the Project Explorer view.
Displays the results of file or text searches.

C views

C/C++ Projects
Displays your current projects. This is similar to the Project Explorer view.

Make views

Make Targets
Lists your projects. To build a project, double-click on it..

Editor view

The Editor view is not listed under Window > Show View or Window > Show View > Others, it is opened whenever an editable file is opened from the C/C++ Projects or Project Explorer views.

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